We help successful leaders grow their effectiveness and create more leaders. 

In today’s organizations, everyone from the top executives to emerging leaders must continuously learn and grow to keep pace with the rapid change that is all around us. Simon Leadership Group, based in Honolulu, Hawaii and led by Scott Simon, provides an array of services that help leaders and teams to achieve their full potential. Whether through intensive one-on-one leadership coaching, or facilitating a team’s strategic facilitation, our approach is built upon several pillars:

  • Gaining genuine self-awareness;
  • Appreciating others’ strengths and perspectives;
  • Embracing positive change; and
  • Continuous learning.

Our readiness to provide coaching, facilitation, and consultation

Our readiness to provide coaching, facilitation, and consultative guidance comes principally from Scott’s ten years of experience with advanced certifications as a certified executive coach and as an assessment consultant.

Additionally, Scott brings over twenty years of success in executive/professional roles within influential Hawaii companies and over twenty years providing board/volunteer/advisor service to numerous Hawaii nonprofits.

We’re eager to offer our seasoned insights and toolkits to collaboration with you!

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