Coaching for Leaders & Teams

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  • Individual Coaching: for Executives and Emerging Leaders
  • Team Coaching: Management/Executive Committees, Boards, Emerging Leader Cohorts, and Divisional Teams


Equipped with experience, insight, and genuine care, Simon Leadership Group has helped many leaders and teams transform their effectiveness. Whether we’re working with a senior executive individually or a cohort of emerging leaders, the process starts with building a foundation of strong self-awareness. 

It’s standard fare for executive coaching to utilize assessment tools, goal setting, and action planning between the leader and the coach. Our approach, built on the Stakeholder Centered Coaching® model, takes the leadership growth process much further, moving beyond the coached leader’s office and into their work environment by engaging key stakeholders. 

Stakeholders are in the best position to provide important observations (of strengths and blind spots), along with relevant suggestions for improvement and behavioral change on the job. This open, engaging approach is effective in our coaching of individual leaders (Executives and Emerging Leaders) and in Team Coaching. Our process delivers real value through the implementation of change that is sustained, noticeable, and acknowledged by stakeholders in the workplace.


With increased awareness of where change would be desirable, along with the leaders’ commitment to improve in identified areas, the coaching process moves into action planning, implementation, and progress check-ins. A concise follow-up survey is frequently used post-coaching to measure progress and improvement observed by stakeholders in the leaders’ selected areas of focus.  

Additional resources brought into the coaching engagement include the Birkman Method® assessment, the Six Types of Working Genius assessment, Leadership Architect Self-Assessment of Competencies, and a wide array of books, articles and video content.

Stakeholder Centered Coaching is a simple methodology based upon decades of working for successful leaders who were willing to do what it takes to becoming even better leaders for their future. Leaders who follow a stakeholder-involved process will improve their leadership. We have systematized the Stakeholder Centered Coaching process to help organizations build a culture where leaders: 1) turn learning into practice; and 2) achieve sustainable, documented improvement in their leadership that is both recognized and acknowledged by those who work with them.

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